Qu'il fait bon "Morning glory type Nara prefecture" Kotoka "tart"

"2022 Strawberry Fair-30th History of Qu'il fait bon-" will be held from February 1st to April 10th at the tart specialty store "Qu'il fait bon". The first from February 1st to February 23rd is a lineup of branded strawberry tarts that are particular about varieties and production areas.

2022 Strawberry Fair ~ 30th History of Qu'il fait bon ~

Morning glory type "Kotoka" tart from Nara prefecture

A tart made by layering homemade jam on a flavorful custard containing Wasanbon, and squeezing the beautiful ruby-colored "Kotoka" all over. With a good balance of sugar content and acidity, you can enjoy the deep and rich taste of Kotoka. Limited to Aoyama, Yokohama, Kyoto, and Grand Front Osaka stores. Piece 1,404 yen, hall (25 cm) 14,040 yen (tax included, same below).

Qu'il fait bon "Morning glory type Nara prefecture" Kotoka "tart"

Special white strawberry-first love scent-tart

A tart that uses plenty of "white strawberries" that are characterized by a rich aroma and plenty of fruit juice. The harmony of sweet bavarois, buttery pie crust, and juicy white strawberries spreads. Piece 1,620 yen, hall (21 cm) 12,960 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Special white strawberry-first love scent-tart"

Kuroichigo tart from Urabe Farm, Chiba Prefecture

A tart with a deep, deep red "Kuroichigo" all over. A strawberry-flavored custard cream that combines homemade strawberry jam and custard is decorated with juicy strawberry, and the rich sweetness and aroma spread. Limited to Grand Maison Ginza. Piece 1,274 yen, hall (25 cm) 12,744 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Kuroichigo tart from Urabe farm, Chiba prefecture"

Ehime Prefecture Himekan Beni Strawberry Tart

A tart that uses plenty of "Himekanko Ichigo" cultivated by a method called "Kanjime" that concentrates sweetness. The number of fruits set is limited, and the strawberries are exposed to the cold so that they do not freeze and mature over time. The firm strawberry flavor and smooth butter cream go great together. Because it is a rare strawberry, it is sold only when it is in stock. Limited to Fukuoka. Piece 1,468 yen, hall (25 cm) 14,688 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Himekanko strawberry tart from Ehime prefecture"

"Iga Dodan Strawberry" tart from Iga City, Mie Prefecture

"Iga Mantenboshi Strawberry", which is cultivated in the mountains of Iga City, Mie Prefecture and has sweetness, acidity, flavor and deliciousness, is named after the "starry sky" that can be seen from the production area. The secret to making strawberries delicious is the sudden cooling of the night, which is unique to the basin. The tart is decorated with the image of a starry sky, and the crispy tart and custard enhance the deliciousness of the strawberries. Limited to Shizuoka and Fukuoka. Piece 1,188 yen, hall (25 cm) 11,880 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Tart of" Iga Dodan Strawberry "from Iga City, Mie Prefecture"

Smiley berry and zunda tart from "Yamamoto Strawberry Farm" in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture

A tart made with meringue-made strawberry flowers, decorated with fresh "smiling berries" on a cream that combines homemade zunda jam with Custard, which is the pride of Kirfebon. Limited to Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi store, Sendai, and Hamamatsu. Piece 777 yen, hall (25 cm) 7,776 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Niko Niko Berry and Zunda Tart in Yamamoto Strawberry Farm, Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture"

Shizuoka Prefecture "Tokun" tart

To enhance the sweet scent and unique texture of "Momo Kaoru", add plenty of cream to the custard cream for a light taste. When eaten with a crispy pie crust rich in butter, the harmony of deliciousness echoes in your mouth. Piece 1,188 yen, hall (25 cm) 11,880 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Shizuoka Prefecture" Tokun "tart"

Shizuoka Prefecture "Kirapika" tart

A gorgeous scented tart using "Kirapika" born in Shizuoka. Homemade jam is added to the custard with sour cream, and it is decorated with a large sparkling incense. Piece 1,404 yen, hall (27 cm) 11,232 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Shizuoka Prefecture" Kirapika "tart"

Special Shizuoka Prefecture "Red Hoppe" tart

A special tart made by carefully selecting only large and well-shaped "red cheeks" born in Shizuoka. A simple taste that combines custard cream, plenty of cream, and a soft and light sponge. At the Grand Front Osaka store, Kyoto, and Fukuoka, we use "Amaou" from Fukuoka prefecture instead of "Red Hoppe". Piece 1,512 yen, hall (25 cm) 15,120 yen.

Qu'il fait bon "Specially selected Shizuoka prefecture" Beni Hoppe "tart"