Bourbon "Strawberry Fair" products

Bourbon “Strawberry Fair”

Bourbon will release "Strawberry Fair" products that take advantage of the refreshing taste of strawberries on November 23rd. Limited time until January 2022. The price is open.

Alfort strawberry

A combination of bittersweet cocoa biscuits and sweet and sour strawberry chocolate shaped like a sailing ship. The texture of biscuits and the flavor of strawberries are combined to create a delicious taste.

Bourbon "Alfort Strawberry"

Mini bar mroll strawberry cream

A sweet and sour strawberry cream wrapped in a mini-sized roll cake that has been rolled up. A harmonious taste of a slightly sweet cake and a refreshingly sour strawberry cream.

Bourbon "Minimum Roll Strawberry Cream"

Mini Sylvaine Strawberry x Chocolate

The original triangular chocolate cake is a bite-sized. A moist baked cake sandwiched with sweet and sour strawberry jelly and strawberry cream, wrapped in chocolate. A refreshing, sweet and sour taste.

Bourbon "Mini Sylvaine Strawberry x Chocolate"

Elise strawberry

A sweet and sour strawberry cream wrapped in a crispy, light-textured wafer. You can enjoy the refreshing acidity of strawberries.

Bourbon "Elise Strawberry"

Roanne Strawberries

A savory gofuru with a crispy texture and sandwiched with sweet and sour strawberry cream. You can enjoy the light texture, fragrance, and richness.

Bourbon "Roanne Strawberry"

Chocolat Elise Amaou Strawberry

Wrap strawberry chocolate in a crispy and light-textured wafer and coat it with strawberry chocolate. Amaou strawberry powder from Fukuoka prefecture is used, and you can enjoy the taste of sweet and sour strawberry chocolate.

Bourbon "Chocolat Elise Amaou Strawberry"

Chocolat Bourbon Tulle Rich Strawberries

Sandwich strawberry chocolate with a bite-sized langue de chat cookie. In response to the need to "taste more chocolate," strawberry powder is kneaded into rich strawberry chocolate.

Bourbon "Chocolat Blanc Tulle Rich Strawberries"

Paquila strawberry

Strawberry chocolate studded with crunch crepes and puffs and sandwiched with wafers. You can enjoy the crunchy texture and the taste of strawberry chocolate.

Bourbon "Paquila Strawberry"