Fujiya pastry shop "Amaou strawberry bright red milk rape" "Tochigi prefecture skyberry dark Mont Blanc"

Fujiya pastry shop "Strawberry Fair"

At the Fujiya pastry shop, the "Strawberry Fair" will be held from December 26th, where you can find sweets made with carefully selected strawberries.

Amaou Strawberry's bright red milk rape

A bright red milk rape sandwiched with strawberry cream on a crepe dough. The upper surface is finished with glossy Amaou strawberry glasage. Accented with sour Amaou strawberry sauce. The price is 440 yen (tax included, same below). Released on December 26th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Amaou strawberry's bright red milk rape"

Mont Blanc with dark sky berries from Tochigi prefecture

Montblanc is a strawberry sponge with skyberry sauce layered with chanterie cream, Tochigi prefecture skyberry cream, and mascarpone skyberry cream. The taste of sweet and sour sky berries spreads throughout your mouth. The price is 440 yen. Released on December 26th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Mont Blanc with dark skyberries from Tochigi prefecture"

Ecuadorian cacao and skyberry torte

Sandwich the bitter Ecuadorian cacao cream and skyberry chocolate ganache on a chocolate sponge. The top surface is elegantly finished with a layer of bright red skyberry grasage. Skyberry sauce is added to the accent, and the sweet and sour taste of skyberry and the bittersweetness of cacao match. 92% of Ecuadorian cacao in cacao. The price is 440 yen. Released on December 26th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Ecuadorian cacao and skyberry torte"

Echigohime & Milky Cream Puff from Niigata Prefecture

A cream puff stuffed with custard cream and milky cream using the sauce of Echigohime, a brand strawberry from Niigata prefecture. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness. The price is 160 yen. Released on January 4, 2022.

Fujiya pastry shop "Echigohime & Milky Cream Puff from Niigata Prefecture"

Domestic strawberry pudding short

A hearty dessert with pudding on a sponge sandwiched with domestic strawberries and premium chanterie cream. The price is 480 yen. Released on January 4th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Domestic strawberry pudding short"

Snowy strawberry premium roll cake

A luxurious roll cake with plenty of fresh strawberries. Rich cream using white chocolate goes well with strawberries. Snow is imaged with white chocolate flakes and cereal chocolate. By increasing the ratio of eggs used for the sponge from last year, the compatibility between the cream and the sponge and the smoothness of the mouthfeel are improved. Approximately 125 mm in length. The price is 1,800 yen. Released on January 5th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Snowy strawberry premium roll cake"

Soft roll of domestic strawberry and honey rice flour

Wrap strawberries and chantery cream in a fluffy roll dough with honey and rice flour, and top with domestic strawberries on the top. The balance between the smooth whipped cream and the sour domestic strawberries is exquisite. The price is 581 yen. Released on January 7th.

Fujiya pastry shop "Domestic strawberry and honey rice flour fluffy roll"

* Depending on the store, it may not be available or may be sold out.
* Strawberry fair products are also sold at some Fujiya restaurants.
* The standard tax rate (10%) is applied to eating and drinking at the eat-in space of Fujiya pastry shop and Fujiya restaurant, and it is different from the tax-included price shown.