Lawson "Drowning Cream Pancake (Strawberry Flavor)"

At Lawson, the "Strawberry Picking at Lawson!" Fair will be held on January 15th. Introducing sweets and bread made with strawberries, which will be released on January 4, 2022.

Strawberry picking at Lawson!

Taiwan Castella Strawberry & Milk

Castella is a combination of whipped cream, which is a blend of Hokkaido cream and milk, and strawberry dice. Accented with condensed milk sauce. The price is 245 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Taiwan Castella Strawberry & Milk"

Drowning cream pancakes (strawberry flavor)

A pancake that is eaten with plenty of whipped cream, which is a blend of Hokkaido cream and whipped cream. Compared to the 2020 version of the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan, "Whipped Cream (milk fat / vegetable fat)", the sugar content of whipped cream is 25% off. The strawberry dough and sauce are used to create a sweet and sour taste. The price is 265 yen.

Lawson "Drowning Cream Pancake (Strawberry Flavor)"

Toro raw warabi mochi strawberry

Warabi mochi with a thick texture that contains domestically produced warabi powder. Strawberry juice is kneaded into the dough of warabi mochi, and the sweet and sour strawberry sauce is trapped. Excellent compatibility with whipped cream. The price is 195 yen.

Lawson "Toro Raw Warabimochi Strawberry"

Strawberry bread

A simple bread with a cute bow-shaped appearance. The strawberry-flavored dough with strawberry jam is covered with strawberry-flavored castella dough. The price is 130 yen. Not available in Okinawa Prefecture.

Lawson "Strawberry Bread"

Strawberry mochito pancake 2 pieces

Strawberry whipped cream with sugar-pickled strawberry chips and chocolate chips with strawberries is sandwiched with a chewy dough. The strawberry flavor spreads throughout your mouth. The price is 140 yen. Specifications and prices are different in Okinawa Prefecture.

Lawson "Strawberry mochitto pancakes 2 pieces"

Steamed strawberry cake with protein

Marble-patterned strawberry steamed cake made by kneading jam with strawberry into the dough. You can easily get protein derived from soybeans and milk even on a busy morning. The jam used in the product uses 10% Amaou strawberry. The price is 140 yen. Not available in Okinawa Prefecture.

Lawson "Steamed strawberry cake with protein"