Hotel Chocolat "New Year Zenzai Sunday"

The seasonal "New Year Zenzai Sunday" will be on sale from January 1, 2022 from the British cacao lifestyle brand "Hotel Chocolat". The price is 900 yen (tax included). It will end as soon as it runs out.

New Year Zenzai Sunday

"New Year Zenzai Sunday" is a variety of cocoa milk ice cream with black honey, "Ice Cream of the God", crispy texture, crispy pearl, Uji matcha whipped cream, oranges, and organically grown red bean paste. A dish with a delicious taste that fills your mouth. The soft and smooth Uji matcha whipped cream is accented with a trolley of "Kakure Shiratama". In addition, the finish is topped with Kanro-ni, a chestnut with plenty of impact. It is a slightly luxurious Japanese sweets Sunday suitable for the New Year.

Hotel Chocolat

The brand name of Hotel Chocolat was derived from the idea that "we want you to experience a satisfying mood and an extraordinary uplifting feeling like spending time at a hotel through our chocolates." Started business as an online chocolate shop in England in 1993. It is a cacao lifestyle brand that handles not only chocolate but also restaurants, cafes, hotels, beauty products and alcohol that serve cacao dishes.

* Sold from the first business day of the new year at each store * Excluding LaLaport Fujimi store