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Limited Time Offer

The "Nagano Queen Rouge Parfait" is now on sale at 10 Ginza KOJI CORNER stores with cafes and restaurants. The price is 1,500 yen (including tax, the same below), or 1,860 yen with a drink.

The "Direct Delivery of Seasonal Fruits" program seeks out seasonal fruits from all over Japan and allows customers to enjoy tastes "only available now" at Ginza Cosy Corner's cafes and restaurants. Following the introduction of the "Shine Muscat" and "Nagano Purple," the "Nagano Queen Rouge Parfait" is now available.

Nagano Queen

Rouge Par

fait is a jewel-like parfait made with six pieces of juicy pulp. The juicy pulp melds with vanilla ice cream and cool homemade granite, and the sweetness of the raspberry sauce adds a refreshing accent.

Queen Rouge

is a variety created in Nagano Prefecture by crossing the "Shine Muscat" and "Unicorn" varieties. It is shipped from mid-September to early October. It has a fresh, muscat-like aroma, a strong sweet taste, and a thin, crispy skin.

Queen Rouge" is a registered trademark of Nagano Prefecture.

Sold at

Ginza 1-chome main store, Beans Akabane, Oji, Shinkoiwa, Ito-Yokado Oimachi, Mitaka Corral, LIVIN Tanashi, Kawasaki Azalea, Tsurumi East Exit, Ebina
* For Ginza 1-chome main store only, an additional 200 yen for a drink and 100 yen for a single item.