Bean to Bar Craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel"

From the Camel Coffee Group, Bean to Bar craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel" will open in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture on February 11, 2022. In addition, as an opening commemorative special, "Opening Anniversary Cookie Cans" will be sold in limited quantities.

Chocolatery camel

Bean to Bar Craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel"

A craft chocolate specialty store with a patisserie attached to the "Bean to Bar manufacturing method" workshop where chocolate craftsmen manually create all the processes from cocoa bean selection to chocolate production. The craftsmen adjust the roast to suit the characteristics of each cocoa bean. It is a pure craft chocolate that you can feel the original flavor of cacao straight without adding anything extra.

The shop sells tablets made in the workshop, as well as baked goods such as bonbon chocolate, financiers, and sables that take advantage of the charm of chocolate produced in patisserie. In addition, the cafe offers fresh chocolate sweets and chocolate shows that use abundantly selected chocolates made in the workshop.

The following are examples of products sold at the shop.

Samoa 75% Dark chocolate 1,080 yen Samoa 65% Dark milk chocolate 1,080 yen Samoa 75% Franboise 1,296 yen Samoa 65% Dark milk sea salt 1,080 yen Terrine de chocolate 3,456 yen Bonbon chocolate 1 piece 324 yen ~
Homemade charred butter financier 291 yen Cocoa sable 799 yen Cacao sable 799 yen Madeleine with lemon scent 291 yen

Bean to Bar Craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel"

The following are examples of products offered at the cafe.

■ Sweets menu Warm fruit chocolate (chocolate fondue) 1,540 yen Shoe chocolate-with seasonal scent-748 yen Opera classic with vanilla ice cream 968 yen

■ Drink menu Chocolat show 990 yen Drip coffee 418 yen Earl Gray tea 825 yen

Bean to Bar Craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel"

Opening commemorative special "Opening Anniversary Cookie Can"

Bean to Bar Craft chocolate specialty store "Chocolate Camel"

A limited-edition cookie can depicting people who are delighted to open and have a festive parade at Dankazura and Wakamiya Oji in front of the shop. The aroma of butter and wheat is studded with tea, fruit, Samoan cacao, homemade chocolate and rich cookies and meringue with a variety of flavors. Limited quantity, price is 2,484 yen (tax included). There is a purchase limit of 4 per person.

The store is located on the 1st floor of Kamakura Spring Autumn Square, 2-14-7 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00. The pre-opening is scheduled for February 11, 2022 (shops only), and the grand opening is scheduled for February 23, 2022.