LOTTE "Koala March Handmade Kit [Wakuwaku Aquarium]".

Lotte will release "Koala's March Handcraft Kit [Wakuwaku Aquarium]" from its "Koala's March Handcraft Kit" series on March 22 to make home time more enjoyable. The estimated price is around 324 yen (tax included). The kit contains 12g (0.42oz) of Koala March, 12g (0.42oz) of Ghana Milk (4g (0.14oz) x 4 pieces), and a Toppo bag.

Koala's March Handmade Kit [Wakuwaku Aquarium].

The "Koala March Handcraft Kit [Wakuwaku Aquarium]" is the easiest in the series. The kit is completed by attaching chocolate boards and combining them with antimicrobial craft cards.

The kit contains popular Lotte products such as Koala March and a craft card with an antibacterial finish. You can enjoy making these kits with peace of mind and feel as if you are in an aquarium. A video showing how to make the cards is also included, making it easy even for first-timers. The target age group is children from 3 to 10 years old and their parents or guardians.

The "Koala March Handmade Kit [Wakuwaku Aquarium]" is a fun way to spend time at home. Why don't you enjoy the feeling of an aquarium at home?