Cafe COMSA "Cacao Cake


acao Cake Cacao Cake will be available from Cafe COMSA. It will be on sale from January 19 to February 14. The price is 1,000 yen per piece (tax included, price differs at the Ginza store).



Cacao, the raw material for chocolate, grows in tropical countries near the equator. CACAO HUNTERS, which consistently produces chocolate from the production of "cacao as fruit" in Colombia, South America, one of the representative production areas of cacao, is used to create a cacao cake unique to Cafe COMSA.

Using CACAO HUNTERS chocolate, a bitter chocolate cream is squeezed over a cacao bitter base and decorated with cacao nibs. The cake is made with a sponge soaked in passion fruit syrup, allowing you to enjoy the rich aroma of cacao.



"CACAO HUNTERS" finds high quality cacao in Colombia, South America, and works hand in hand with producers to carefully craft their chocolates. Furthermore, we aim to improve the living standards and motivation of the producers.