Lotte "DO Cacao chocolate"

Lotte "DO Cacao chocolate"

From Lotte, "DO Cacao chocolate" will appear as a "craft" chocolate that has been consistently involved in the cultivation and production of cacao beans. It will be on sale in limited quantities from January 13th at the official online shop. One set contains 10 tablets, and the selling price is 2,160 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included).

DO Cacao chocolate

A dish made under the "DO Cacao Project" that started in 2015 as "I want to get involved in the production of cacao beans for the best chocolate". Since 2016, cacao produced in Papua New Guinea through repeated trial and error such as seedling growth confirmation and fermentation test is used.

In this set, two types, "Cacao 59" and "Cacao 70", which have different cacao contents, are packed together. It is said that the chocolate is made to bring out the scent by taking advantage of the characteristics of cacao, each of which has a strong raisin scent with outstanding fruitiness.

In addition, it has a dome-shaped design with the image of cacao fruit so that you can feel the delicate scent and finish. In addition to this, cocoa husks generated during the Lotte chocolate manufacturing process are used for the outer boxes and trays, and environmentally friendly packages are used.