Asaoka Spice's "Smoked Powder"

You can easily enjoy smoked flavors at home! Here are three "smoked items" that the En-eating editorial department actually ate (used) and enjoyed. "Smoked powder", "Ibushidokoro smoke bag", "Smoked rock salt", etc. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Smoked powder

Asaoka Spice's " Smoked Powder " is a god of delight! You can easily make "smoked cheese" or "smoked salmon" just by sprinkling it with a seasoning (white powder) that traps the smoked scent.

Asaoka Spice's "Smoked Powder"

Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

Introducing the " Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag " that contains the chips necessary for smoke. You can easily enjoy smoked dishes just by adding ingredients and heating. You can easily enjoy smoked food, which has a high hurdle to make by yourself!

Soto "Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag"

"Smoked rock salt" etc.

S & B Foods sells " Smoked Rock Salt ," "Smoked Chili Pepper," and "Smoked Arabiki Black Pepper," which you can enjoy the smoked flavor just by sprinkling. All of them are easy to sprinkle and have a wide variety of arrangements that can be used for various dishes.

S & B Foods "Smoked Rock Salt" "Smoked Chili Pepper" "Smoked Arabiki Black Pepper"