LAWSON "Burger Big Bang. PJ supervised bacon cheeseburger", the first place of Japan Burger Championship in 2023

LAWSON "2023 Japan Burger Championship No.1 Bur

ger Big Bang. PJ Supervision

Bacon Che

eseburger" "2023 Japan Burger Championship No.1 Burger Big Bang. PJ Supervision Bacon Cheeseburger" will be on sale at Lawson on November 14. It will be priced at 430 yen (tax included).

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's Bacon Cheeseburger

, winner of the "Japan Burger Championship 2023" held this June to determine the best burger in Japan. PJ supervised this burger. Ingredients include a beef patty, bacon, fried onions with salt sauce, and cheddar cheese layered with eggy tartar sauce, ketchup with grated vegetable sauce, and mustard. You can taste the flavor of the meat and the various sauces.

The Japan Burger Championship is a competition in which participating restaurants cook burgers from scratch within a time limit and compete on appearance, cooking accuracy, and taste. The winning team will represent Japan at the World Food Championships held every November in the United States.

Burger Big Bang. PJ is a platform opened in 2023 by Takahiro Watanabe, who laid the foundation of gourmet burger culture. PJ aims to give back to the burger industry by nurturing the artisans of the future, teaching them the skills he has cultivated and supporting those who aspire to start their own businesses.

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