S & B Foods "Smoked Spices" Series

From S & B Foods, the "Smoked Spices" series, which makes smoked dishes just by sprinkling, will be released on March 1st. The estimated price is 200 yen each (excluding tax).

The "Smoked Spices" series is a series of spices that have been milled and crushed and smoked at low temperatures over time. While retaining the scent of spices, the rich smoked scent is firmly added, and it is made with a focus on the flavor balance between smoked and spices.

The lineup is "Smoked Arabiki Black Pepper," "Smoked Rock Salt," and "Smoked Chili Pepper." All three products use orthodox and popular beech chips, which are widely used in meat and seafood, for smoking. No additives to add smoked incense are used.

S & B Foods "Smoked Spices" Series

"Smoked Arabiki Black Pepper" gives the dish a thicker scent with the fruity scent and smoked scent of black pepper. Excellent compatibility with meat dishes, egg dishes, cheese dishes, etc.

"Smoked rock salt" has a mild scent and can add a natural smoke to the dish. Recommended to add to fried eggs, sautéed chicken, etc.

"Smoked chili pepper" is a spice that adds a smoked scent to the spiciness and aroma of red chili peppers, adding a sense of maturity and weight. Recommended for pasta, pizza, dip sauce, etc.