Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

"Smoked food" with a smoky scent. I'd be happy if I could enjoy it at home, but it's not easy to make because there are many things to prepare and the smoke and smell are full.

When I was about to give up, I found the "Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag". I actually tried a product that can be smoked in the kitchen as long as you prepare the ingredients.

Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

A bag containing the chips needed for smoke. The heating side has a double structure, with smoke chips and a small amount of sugar to shine evenly between them. A structure in which the smoked scent spreads from the small holes on both sides of the inner bottom surface, creating the optimum state for smoking ingredients. The size of the bag is 275 mm x 495 mm. The purchase price at the home center is 657 yen (tax included).

Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

How to make

First, prepare and season your favorite ingredients. This time, I prepared quail eggs, ham, chikuwa with cheese, and nuts.

Put the ingredients in the bag with the side labeled "THIS SIDE DOWN" facing down, then fold the opening to seal it. The recommended amount of ingredients is about 2/3 of the bag.

Smoke bag
There are faint characters

Can be used in various cooking utensils such as ovens, gas stoves and frying pans, charcoal fires and iron plates (microwave ovens are not allowed). This time, heat it on the stove and frying pan in the kitchen for about 20 minutes. The point is to steam it for about 5 minutes without opening the bag after turning off the heat. I didn't notice the smell so much if I opened the window and turned the ventilation fan without being filled with smoke while making it.

Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag

How is it done?

The smoked ingredients have a slightly browned part that was in contact with the bag, which is an appetizing visual (although some of them are black ...). From the time it is served on a plate, the unique scent of smoked food drifts.

Ingredients smoked in a smoke bag

Ham was the most successful of the four ingredients. The saltiness and smoky flavor that were originally attached are a perfect match. The smoked scent is mild but tasty enough to chew, making it perfect as a snack for beer.

Smoked ham in a smoke bag

On the contrary, it was nuts that didn't work. By absorbing the water from other ingredients, it has a fluffy texture. But the taste was more fragrant and delicious.

Smoked nuts in a smoke bag

The appeal of the "Ibushidokoro Smoke Bag" is that you can easily enjoy smoked food, which has a high hurdle to make by yourself. When it's used up once, it's just rolled up and thrown away, so you can avoid the situation where you can buy the equipment but don't know where to put it. You can easily try smoking outdoors or at home!