Sushiro "Enchanting pear and chestnut tart parfait"

At Sushiro, "Enchanting pear and chestnut tart parfait" will be on sale in collaboration with chef Patissier Komai, who won the silver prize at the international confectionery competition.

Fascinating pear and chestnut tart parfait

Collaboration sweets between "Sushiro Cafe Club" and chef pastry chef Komai. Mr. Komai has won the silver medal as a representative of Japan at the prestigious French confectionery competition "Coop du Monde de la Patisserie", and is the top of Suzette Holdings, which has more than 140 stores in Japan and overseas. It is also a pastry chef.

The classic French confectionery tart cake is reproduced in a parfait glass, with "pear" and "chestnut" that feel autumn as the main characters. Even though it is a parfait, you can feel the taste of tart cake. This sweet is prepared with authentic raw caramel sauce with smoothness and rich bitterness underneath, and on top of that, pear confit and whipped cream, and fragrant marron cream using carefully selected chestnuts. I'm squeezing it a lot. In addition, the almond milk-flavored ice cream "Glass Amand", which Mr. Komai is particular about, is placed on the top, and the texture of the tart is reproduced with caramel almond crush. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and aroma of French pears and the rich chestnut flavor of marron cream that is created by hand-squeezing each one in the store.

Sushiro "Enchanting pear and chestnut tart parfait"

It will be on sale at Sushiro nationwide from October 27th. The price is 385 yen (tax included).