Hanamaru Udon "Torori, Warm! Ankake Fair"

At each Hanamaru Udon store, the "Torori, Warm! Ankake Fair" will be held from October 26th (excluding some stores). Two types of "ankake udon", "beef egg ankake" and "pork hot and sour soup (sanrattan) udon," will be available for a limited time until mid-December.

It was warm! Ankake fair

Hanamaru Udon's "Ankake Udon" is based on Hanamaru's unique egg ankake made in stores. Carefully add the stirred raw egg to the soup stock and special soup that has been heated to a certain temperature, and mix slowly to make a "thick" egg sauce.

Also, from this Ankake Fair, the noodles will be changed to winter noodles, "Winter Noodles". Winter noodles are characterized by their softness and softness, while summer noodles are characterized by their smoothness and firmness. It goes well with warm soup stock.

Beef egg ankake

Hanamaru Udon "Beef Egg Ankake"

Ankake udon noodles with a generous amount of beef that has been intentionally sweetened to match the gentle taste of the egg bean paste. The combination of sweet beef and thick egg bean paste is a cup that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from children to adults. Accented with topping ginger. The price is (small) 640 yen, (medium) 750 yen, (large) 870 yen (all including tax, the same applies below).

Pork hot and sour soup udon

Hanamaru Udon "Pork Hot and Sour Soup (San Rattan) Udon"

The mellow and rich black vinegar that uses only domestic brown rice, and the hot and sour soup (Sanrattan), which is made by slowly boiling chili peppers with sesame oil, and the egg sauce that is unique to Hanamaru, make it sour. Ankake udon with a spicy and addictive taste. This year's hot and sour soup udon has plenty of pork added, and it is a satisfying volume. It is also topped with wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots seasoned with Hanamaru soup stock. The price is (small) 590 yen, (medium) 700 yen, (large) 820 yen.

* Prices are different at some stores.