Simple recipe for Komatsuna Tuna Mayo Bean Salad

The following is a compilation of three "mixed bean recipes" that the Engeboku editorial staff actually tried making and found delicious. The recipes include "Komatsuna Tuna Mayo Bean Salad" and "Chili Con Carne. Click on the recipe name to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Komatsuna Tuna Mayo Bean Salad

This is a simple recipe for "Komatsuna Tuna Mayo Bean Salad," a speedy side dish that can be made in a microwave oven without using fire. It can be made in about 10 minutes, so it is a great addition to a busy day.

Simple recipe for Komatsuna Tuna Mayo Bean Salad

Chili Con Carne

Hot beans and minced meat! We introduce a simple recipe "Chili Con Carne ". The spicy flavor that spreads out in the air makes this dish irresistible. If you don't like spicy food, try using less chili powder.

Easy recipe "Chili Con Carne

Mixed Bean Cucumber Salad

This recipe for "Mixed Bean Cucumber Salad" is a great way to enjoy the contrast between the crispy texture of the cucumber and the crunchy texture of the mixed beans. It is easy to prepare and works well when you need one more dish.

Recipe for Mixed Bean Cucumber Salad