Yamagata's local cuisine "Imoni" recipe! Soup such as taro, beef, and green onions
A recipe for "Imoni", a local dish of Yamagata prefecture. The taro and beef are boiled and seasoned, and a cup will fill your stomach and heart.
Material ( For 2-3 people )
taro 300g (10.58oz)
beef 150g (5.29oz)
Japanese leek Two
Konjac 100g (3.53oz)
water 500ml (16.91us fl oz)
soy sauce 40ml (1.35us fl oz)
sweet sake 40ml (1.35us fl oz)
seven spice blend Appropriate amount
Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Imoni"

Introducing local recipes that allow you to enjoy a little travel feeling while staying at home. This time I made "Imoni" from Yamagata prefecture. Boiled soup made by boiling taro and beef.


Ingredients for 2-3 people

Taro 300g (10.58oz)
Beef 150g (5.29oz)
2 green onions konjac 100g (3.53oz)
Water 500ml (16.91us fl oz)
Salty soy sauce 40ml (1.35us fl oz)
Mirin 40ml (1.35us fl oz)
Shichimi pepper, an appropriate amount if you like

How to make

Cut the green onions into diagonal slices about 1 cm wide, and cut the beef and konjac into bite-sized pieces. Peel the taro and cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Konjac and green onions cut into bite-sized pieces

Put water, taro, konjac, green onions, salty soy sauce, and mirin in a pot and simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Imoni"

When the taro is tender, add the beef. When the lye comes out, take it and simmer for about 5 minutes to complete. Shichimi pepper is your choice.

Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Imoni"

Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Imoni"

What is the taste of Imoni?

A deep taste with the richness and umami of beef dissolved in soy sauce-based juice. The sticky and soft taro and the heated scallions and sweetened green onions will delight your tongue. It is also recommended to eat it as it is and then sprinkle with shichimi pepper to enjoy the "taste change". The spicy spiciness is a good accent.

Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine "Imoni"

Imoni is simple but tasty, and fills your stomach and heart with this cup. Depending on the area, you can use pork, add mushrooms, or season with miso. Please try to make it while consulting with the contents of the refrigerator.