simmered chicken and konnyaku

Here is a collection of konnyaku recipes that are low in calories but filling. There are four recipes: "Burdock and konnyaku kinpira," "Chicken konnyaku nimono," "Metta-jiru," and "Konnyaku and mushrooms stir-fried together.

Burdock and konnyaku kinpira (fried burdock root and konnyaku)

Recipe for "Kinpira (fried burdock root and konnyaku)" that will make you feel full. It is recommended as a side dish, lunch box, or leftover.

fried burdock and konnyaku

The konnyaku is pleasantly elastic, and the crunchy burdock is covered with a sweet and spicy sauce that gives it a hearty taste! The flavor of the sesame oil and the aroma of the burdock root will whet your appetite.

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Chicken and konnyaku stew

Chicken and konnyaku stew recipe is delicious even when cold. The sweet and spicy flavor is just right, and the taste will make your chopsticks linger.

simmered chicken and konnyaku

The juicy chicken thighs and konnyaku are a perfect match. The fresh flavor of the green onion refreshes the palate, so even though the dish has a strong flavor, it is not too heavy.

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Metsudo soup

This is a local recipe for "metta-jiru," a well-known dish in Ishikawa Prefecture. It is full of ingredients such as konnyaku, sweet potatoes, pork, and burdock root, and satisfies both the stomach and the soul.

Local recipe for "Metsudo Soup

The soup is full of ingredients such as konnyaku, sweet potatoes, pork, and burdock root, and has a nostalgic taste. The miso combines the natural flavor of root vegetables, the richness of pork, and the umami of fried tofu and mushrooms into one dish.

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Braised Konnyaku and Mushrooms

This is a low-calorie recipe for braised konnyaku and mushrooms. You can eat it without feeling guilty because you can also take in a good amount of dietary fiber.

Braized konnyaku and mushrooms

It is a delicious dish that makes white rice go down a treat! Stir-fry the konnyaku in sesame oil and simmer in Japanese-style broth so that the flavor is fully absorbed.

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