Kiriboshi Daikon Som Tam Style Salad

Here is a collection of recipes for kiriboshi daikon with a delightful crispy texture. There are five recipes: "Taiwanese-style thick-baked egg," "Chinese-style kiriboshi daikon salad," "Kiriboshi daikon chapche," "Soboro natto," and "Kiriboshi daikon somtam style salad.

Taiwanese-style thick-baked egg

This recipe for "Taiwanese-style thick-baked egg" is seasoned only with salt and pepper. These large omelets are baked in a frying pan to a fluffy perfection.

Taiwanese-style thick-baked egg

The soft egg is filled with fragrant sakura shrimps, crunchy green onions, and juicy kiriboshi-daikon (dried radish)! In addition to the aroma of sesame oil, the sakura shrimps give the dish a strong flavor and punch.

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Kiriboshi Daikon Chinese Style Salad

A simple recipe for "Chinese Style Salad with Dried Kiriboshi Daikon" that can be made in a microwave oven. It tastes even better after a little time has passed since its completion, as the flavors blend together.

Chinese Style Salad with Dried Daikon

The natural sweetness of the ingredients combined with the moderate saltiness and umami of the seasonings gives it a rich flavor. You can also enjoy the crunchy texture of kiriboshi-daikon.

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Kiriboshi Daikon Japchae

This recipe for Kiriboshi Daikon Japchae has a delightful crunchy texture. It is a satisfying dish with plenty of ingredients.

kiriboshi-daikon japchae

The more you chew, the more the refined flavor spreads, and it goes well with ingredients such as rich beef and fresh green peppers. The aroma of the sesame oil and white sesame seeds makes this dish even more appetizing.

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Soboro Natto

Soboro natto" is a local recipe from Ibaraki Prefecture. It has a lingering taste that makes you miss white rice.

Soboro natto" - a local recipe from Ibaraki Prefecture

The crunchy texture of kiriboshi-daikon (dried strips of radish) and the sticky natto combine to form an exquisite whole. The savory aroma of soy sauce and sesame oil is matched with the unique flavor of natto. The mustard is a nice accent.

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Kiriboshi Daikon Som Tam Style Salad

This recipe for "Dried Daikon Som Tam Style Salad" is recommended when you want to eat Thai food at home. If you can't find green papaya, use dried daikon instead!

Kiriboshi Daikon Som Tam Style Salad

The crunchy texture and the flavor of the umami fish sauce dressing will make you feel like you are really eating som tam for a moment. The slightly spicy red chili pepper is another element that brings it closer to the authentic taste.

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