Origin lunch "meat triple bowl"

At "Origin Bento" and "Kitchen Origin", the menu "Meat Triple Bowl" unique to Niku Day will be on sale for a limited time from 10 o'clock on July 29th.

Meat triple bowl

"Meat Triple Bowl" is a large onion oil sardine chicken, one cabbage noodle with a pleasant texture, beef ribs and onions fried in an iron pan over high heat at once, and one meal of beef grilled meat that enhances the taste It is a bowl with onions. It is a volume menu unique to Niku's day. The price is 999 yen (tax included).

* The meat triple bowls lined up at the sales floor that you can take home immediately use pasta instead of shredded cabbage.

Origin lunch / kitchen origin

"Origin Bento" is a bento shop that was established in 1994. More than 40 kinds of side dishes made in the store every day are lined up in the showcase, and more than 30 kinds of bento are cooked for each order. "Kitchen Origin" appeared in 2014. It has features such as a store design targeting women and an eat-in corner. Like the origin lunch, the products are cooked in the store.