Origin lunch "meat triple bowl"

"Meat Triple Bowl" will be released from Origin Bento and Kitchen Origin. It will be treated as the last "Niku Day" in 2021 from 10:00 on December 29th. The selling price is 999 yen (tax included).

Meat triple bowl

Origin lunch "meat triple bowl"

This is an annual menu with three types of meat dishes made into rice bowls, which is made on the 29th of every month as Nik's Day. However, the content varies from month to month.

This time, one "Tartar Chicken Nanban" with plenty of tartar sauce, one "Cheese Chicken Katsu" with a crispy and light mouthfeel and a faint cheese, and "Pork Toro Yakiniku" that can be eaten refreshingly with salt sauce 1 The food is served with 300g (10.58oz) of rice.

In addition, the contents of the garnish differ depending on the purchase method at each Origin Bento and Kitchen Origin store, and in the case of the order lunch method where you receive the cooked items after ordering at the store, "shredded cabbage" is displayed at the sales floor. "Pasta" is included in the case of the pre-made lunch box system, where you can take the items you have with you as they are.