Denny's “Summer Takeout Festival” for a limited time

"Summer Takeout Festival" will be held as a limited-time campaign at Denny's. From July 16th to August 22nd, the takeout menu will be discounted by 20%.

Denny's Summer Takeout Festival

Denny's “Summer Takeout Festival” for a limited time

According to Denny's, it was planned because priority measures such as declaration of emergency and prevention of spread are continuing to be applied mainly in the Kanto region, and it seems that many people refrain from eating out. It is difficult to cook meals every meal, and the idea is to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home as a takeout instead of "occasionally eating out" during the summer vacation when spending more time at home is likely to occur.

For example, the selling price of "Torori Egg and Cheese Omurice" is usually 846 yen (tax included, same below), but it is 677 yen, and "Hamburg Caledria" is usually 862 yen, but it is 690 yen.

Discounts are applicable for over-the-counter orders, telephone advance reservations, and applications made through the reservation site "EPARK". You can check the details of the takeout menu on Denny's official website.