20% off all Denny's takeout products

At Denny's, there will be a 20% off campaign for all takeaway menus. Limited time offer from April 24th to May 9th.

A take-out price reduction campaign to be implemented in response to the increase in the number of areas to which "priority measures such as spread prevention" are applied. From April 24th to May 9th, all menus will be offered at 20% off. Takeout can be purchased by ordering at the store, pre-booking by phone, or pre-booking from the EPARK site.

An example of the menu is "Keema curry doria that eats 15 kinds of vegetables" using low-carbohydrate cauliflower rice, 970 yen → 776 yen including tax, and "Japanese-style beef stew" that tastes a large beef, 1,275 yen → 1,020 Yen etc.