20% discount on all Denny's takeaway menus

At Denny's, a campaign is underway to reduce the selling price of all menus by 20% from the usual price for takeout only. It will be held until March 14th.

At Denny's, a 20% discount campaign for all menus was held for a limited time from February 1st to 28th, but it will be extended to March 14th due to its popularity.

Many people say that they have less chance to go to restaurants due to the corona sickness, so we are trying to bring back warm and fresh food so that "home time" can be enjoyed as much as possible. It is announced that you can enjoy the menu unique to a restaurant that you can not easily make at home by taking out.

You can check the list of menus that can be taken out from the official website. As of March, there are okosama menus such as "Okosama lunch (with jelly)" (484 yen, tax included, same below), seasonal menus such as "Ebi fried curry doria" (970 yen), "Beef Calvi & A wide variety of lunch menus such as "croquette lunch" (650 yen), popular omelet menu such as "Torori egg and cheese omelet" (846 yen), and hamburger menu such as "Demi stewed hamburger" (916 yen) Menu is targeted.