"Turnip ginger" recipe

A simple recipe using turnips! Here are three "cub recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Turnip shogayakiya" and "chicken and turnip soup". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page

Stir-fried turnip cheese bacon

The feeling of warmth is irresistible! Introducing the recipe " Turnip Cheese Bacon Stir Fry" using turnips. A dish that is easy to eat even for children who are not good at vegetables because it is seasoned with cheese.

Recipe "Turnip cheese bacon stir fry"

The fluffy turnip is sweet and juicy when you bite it, and it goes perfectly with the flavor of cheese and the umami of bacon! It's very juicy, and it's a perfect dish as a snack for sake. You can fully enjoy the charm of turnips!

Chicken and turnip soup

For menus the day after eating too much or on days when you have no appetite! Introducing a simple recipe for "chicken and turnip soup," a soup that uses turnips to warm you up.

Simple recipe for "chicken and turnip soup"

The chicken broth is well-done, so even if it's lightly seasoned, it's delicious! Hokuhoku turnips are also soft and delicious! It is also recommended to add shichimi pepper or topping with plenty of white onions if you like. It's perfect for a midnight snack when you're hungry!

Turnip ginger

"Turnip ginger-grilled " recipe with a crunchy and savory texture and a sweet, spicy and rich sauce. The spicy spiciness of ginger adds punch, and the deliciousness of the rice goes on.

"Turnip ginger" recipe

The crispy and savory texture of the turnip is entwined with a sweet and rich sauce, and the deliciousness of the rice goes on! The spicy spiciness of ginger adds punch. The leaves can be cooked at the same time, so if you leave them in the fridge, you'll end up with nothing ... nothing! It's easy but delicious, so give it a try.