Soup Stock Tokyo Gluten-free compatible soup

Gluten-free menus are available at all Soup Stock Tokyo restaurants. A lineup of 5 types of soup. The price is 649 yen in the store and 637 yen for To go (regular cup separately).

Soup Stock Tokyo has started offering a gluten-free menu as one of the new initiatives of "Soup for all!". Five types of soups that have been analyzed by an external specialized agency and confirmed to have a gluten content of 20 ppm or less in accordance with the CODEX standard will be sold as a gluten-free menu. "Gluten-free mark" is clearly indicated on the menu. Two of the gluten-free menus are also sold as vegetarian menus.

Italian tomato minestrone

A vegetarian soup filled with the flavor of vegetables. Plenty of sweet and dark whole tomatoes grown in the Italian sun are used.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Italian Tomato Minestrone"

Omar shrimp bisque

Soup Stock Tokyo's most popular soup. The rich taste of Omar shrimp and the luxurious taste of flavored vegetables, tomatoes, and milk.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Omar Shrimp Bisque"

Tokyo Samgyetang

Arranged so that you can eat it in a cup while keeping the deliciousness of Korean nourishing soup. A soup with a gentle taste of chicken that has been simmered until loosened and softened.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Tokyo Samgyetang"

Margherita soup

Soup like pizza margherita. Based on ripe tomatoes from Southern Italy, mozzarella cheese and basil are combined to create a delicious finish.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Margherita Soup"

Minestrone with polo leek and white beans

Minestrone is made by carefully stir-frying Hokkaido polo green leek and simmering it softly with root celery, white beans, potatoes and cabbage. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of vegetables.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Minestrone of polo green leek and white beans"

* The menu changes every 1 to 2 weeks. There are also periods when the gluten-free menu is not sold.
* Vegetarian and gluten-free menus are cooked with the same cooking utensils as other menus.
* For product standards for halal, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus, see the "Food Safety and Security" page on the Soup Stock Tokyo brand site.