Sushiro "Super Tuna Tsukushi"

The fair "Super Tuna Tsukushi" will be held from February 19th at each Sushiro store.

At Super Tuna Tsukushi, we have prepared a number of affordable and luxurious products so that you can enjoy eating and comparing various types and parts of tuna. "Namamoto Tuna Daitoro" and "Namamoto Tuna 2 Kanmori" using "Hon-Tuna", the king of tuna, which is the main part of the fair, are carefully selected domestically-produced tuna with good quality. Since it is served raw without being frozen, you can enjoy the chewy texture unique to raw tuna and the umami and sweetness of fat unique to this tuna.

In addition, "Comparison of eating 7 pieces of natural Indian bluefin tuna" using natural Indian bluefin tuna, which has a taste comparable to that of SBT and has a strong and strong taste, is also available. A total of 7 pieces of natural Indian tuna, such as "Large Toro" with excellent fat paste, "Medium Toro" with excellent balance of lean and fat, "Red Meat" filled with umami, and "Negitoro" wrapped in Goku Shanghai moss. A gorgeous dish where you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of each part.

In addition, there are "Hon-tuna lean meat" which has a rich and rich taste, "Natural Indian bluefin tuna Negitoro" which you can enjoy the texture of tuna with a relaxed taste, and the bottle length with outstanding freshness landed in Japan. A lineup such as "Large-cut albacore red meat" that provides red tuna in large-sized pieces.

All can be taken out. The lineup list is below.

・ Raw tuna Daitoro 300 yen * Limited quantity each day

Sushiro "Super Tuna Tsukushi"

・ 2 pieces of raw tuna 300 yen * Limited quantity each day * Combination content varies depending on the day

Sushiro "Super Tuna Tsukushi"

・ Natural Indian Bluefin Tuna Negitoro 100 yen * When you take it home, it will be one warship

・ Comparison of eating 7 pieces of natural Indian bluefin tuna 980 yen * Limited quantity each day * Contents may vary depending on purchasing and sales conditions

Sushiro "Super Tuna Tsukushi"

・ Genuine tuna lean 150 yen ・ Large albacore long tuna lean 100 yen