Sushiro "Eat and Be Satisfied!

Sushiro GW Tokuteisara Matsuri (GW Tokuteisara Festival)

Sushiro will hold a limited time "GW Tokuteisara Matsuri (GW Tokuteisara Festival)" featuring salmon roe and special medium tuna, which are usually served on red plates, on yellow plates for the most reasonable price. The event will be held from April 28 to May 7.


Tokusara Festival"

The fair features "Tokusara," Sushiro's most affordable yellow plates that are also filled with products that are more than reasonable in price, in the hope that customers will enjoy a lot of "good sushi" at a reasonable price during Golden Week. The highlight of the fair is the "salmon roe" and "special medium fatty tuna," which are usually served on a red plate, and are now available on a yellow plate.

Sushiro "Eat and Be Satisfied!

In addition, there is "Busshiri Salmon," which is thickly sliced in the restaurant to preserve the flavor of the salmon, "Bincho Ootoro," which is made from only a small portion of the big fatty tuna called Haramo, which can only be obtained from one Bincho tuna, and "Super Sweet Corn," which has a sweet taste and is boiled in the restaurant with salt before being served with a special mayonnaise. The "Taikyaku Corn", a larger serving of corn than usual, will be available as a "Taikyaku Dish".

In addition to the "special dish," there will also be other limited-time offerings that are highly recommended. The "Double Scallops" are made from scallops caught in the waters of Hokkaido, Aomori and Miyagi prefectures, and the "Big Eel" is steamed and grilled repeatedly to make its meat plump and juicy, thus concentrating its flavor.

Salmon roe Yellow Plate
Tokoneta Chutoro Yellow Plate
Chunky Salmon Yellow Plate
Bottle Length Large Tuna Yellow Plate
Large Corn Yellow Plate
Double Scallops Black Plate
Large Eel Red Plate

Pricing may vary by store