Yellow potato Jagabee butter flavor

Calbee's "Jagabee" will release a new product "Yellow Potato Jagabee Butter Flavor" on February 22nd, ahead of convenience stores, where you can enjoy the color and rich flavor of the ingredients as they are. Other than convenience stores, it will be released on March 8.

"Jagabee" is a snack that has a unique "crispy! Hoku!" Texture and a "potato taste is decent". In 2020, it was renewed under the name of "Jagabee ReBorn", and with the theme of "discovering and discovering new deliciousness of potatoes", we proposed a new way to enjoy "Jagabee", which is a bit different from the standard products. In July, salt-free "Jagabee with the same taste of the ingredients" (discontinued), and in November, "Jagabee black pepper flavor like French fries" that realized the first wave cut in the history of "Jagabee". Has been released.

Jagabee light taste, butter soy sauce taste

In order to get more people to become fans, this time we have developed "Jagabee", which uses potatoes of a yellow flesh variety that is different from the standard product as a raw material, and allows you to enjoy new flavor variations. It features a bright yellow stick as it is, and the fluffy butter enhances the taste of the material.

The package is a stand pack type with a zipper that allows you to enjoy an appropriate amount whenever you like. It can be eaten in small portions even after opening, making it easy to place on a desk and easy to carry.

The estimated price is around 140 yen (tax included). Scheduled to be sold out in late July.