Rokkatei "November Mail Order Snack Shop
November Mail Order Snack Shop (all images source: Rokkatei official website)

Rokkatei Mail Order Limited Sweets Set

Rokkatei announced on its official website that a sweets set "November Mail Order Snack Shop" is now available, and you can apply for it until November 26. The price is 3,300 yen (including tax and delivery charge, excluding Okinawa Prefecture).

November Mail


Snack Shop "November Mail Order Snack Shop" includes the mail order original "Choco Square (Caramel)" with cocoa, caramel sponge, and caramel butter cream covered with caramel chocolate, "Baron" baked cake in the shape of Baronimo with milk flavor and white bean paste, and "Arrowhead" baked cake in the shape of Baronimo with milk flavor. The "Baron" baked confectionery, the "Karamatsu Hayashi" bite-sized cinnamon pie covered with almonds, and the "Kimigaya" pie with apples stewed in red wine, all wrapped in a pie and baked to a savory perfection, are also available. They arrive in a flower-patterned box.

Rokkatei "Choco Square (Caramel)
Chocolate Square (Caramel)

Rokkatei's potato-shaped baked sweets "Baron

Rokkatei "Karamatsu Hayashi
(Japanese) larch (Larix leptolepis, Larix kaempferi)

Details are as follows. The figures in parentheses are the day length.

Chocolate Square Caramels x 2 (about 2 days)
・ Marusei Butter Sandwich x 4 (9-10 days)
・ Strawberry Chocolate Milk 60g (2.12oz) x 1 bag (about 20 days)
・ Marusei Butter Cake x 2 (14-15 days)
・ Kimi no Ie x 2 (9-10 days) ・ Karamatsu Hayashi 8 pieces x 1 bag (8-9 days) (10 days)
・ Karamatsu Hayashi 8 pieces x 1 bag (8-9 days)
・ Choco Marron x 2 pieces (10-11 days)
・ Matcha for two x 1 piece (13-14 days)
・ Mocha for two x 1 piece (13-14 days)
・ Baron 2 pieces x 2 bags (10-11 days)

Delivery to Delivery will be made to your home only. Since this is a free shipping item, it cannot be shipped together with other items or bags, and is not eligible for Rokkatei points. Packaging design and assortment contents are subject to change without notice.

Delivery may take up to two weeks from the time of order receipt. Orders and shipments are subject to adjustment depending on weather conditions and other factors. The company informs customers that they will not purchase for resale, re-sale, or any other commercial purpose.