Mr. Donut "Strawberry and Cherry Rare Cheese Pie," "Potato Bacon Pie," "Taco Meat and Cheese Pie"

Mr. Donut "Strawberry and Cherry Rare Cheese Pie," "Potato Bacon Pie," and

"Taco Meat and Cheese Pie" will be available at Mr. Donut from Wednesday, April 5 until late September! (except some stores). Each is priced at 237 yen for To go and 242 yen for eat-in (tax included).

The Missed Gohan lineup includes a wide variety of menu items that can be chosen to suit your mood, whether for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. For a limited time only, the crispy pie crust is now available wrapped in the ingredients and flavors of strawberry, potato, and taco meat, which are the ingredients and flavors you want to eat in spring and summer.

Strawberry and Cherry Rare Cheese Pie

A smooth rare cheese flavored cream is combined with strawberry and cherry sauce, wrapped in a crispy pie crust and baked. The pie has a refreshing taste.

Mr. Donut "Strawberry and Cherry Rare Cheese Pie

Potato Bacon Pie

The delicious flavor of potatoes and bacon go perfectly together. Recommended for a quick meal.

Mr. Donut "Potato Bacon Pie

Taco Meat & Cheese Pie

A spicy pie perfect for hot weather, combining spicy taco meat and Camembert cheese cream. If you don`t like spicy food, please be careful.

Mr. Donut "Taco Meat & Cheese Pie"

We recommend heating up the "Potato Bacon Pie" and "Taco Meat & Cheese Pie". Warm them in a microwave oven (500W) for about 10 to 20 seconds and then bake them in a toaster for about 1 to 2 minutes for better flavor.

Mr. Donut "Potato Bacon Pie" and "Taco Meat & Cheese Pie".

Be careful not to burn yourself when warming up.
Do not use "auto heating" or "heating on leave.
When warming in a toaster, place a piece of aluminum foil or similar material on the toaster to prevent oil from dripping off.