New product "Jagabee with the same taste of the ingredients"

From the "Jagabee" series, which is familiar with potato sticks with skin, a new product "Jagabee with the taste of the material" will be released on July 27, where you can feel the taste of the potato as it is without using salt. I will. Convenience store precedent. Limited quantity. It will be on sale from August 10th except at convenience stores. The price is around 140 yen (tax included).

"Jagabee" is a stick-shaped snack made by cutting whole potatoes as they are. The taste of potatoes and the unique crispy texture are comfortable, and it is gaining popularity as a snack that "the taste of potatoes is decent." Since it does not use salt and is not seasoned, you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are.

The package has a natural design that conveys the texture of the material and an illustration of warm potatoes, expressing the deliciousness of the material as it is.

"Jagabee with the same taste of the ingredients" seems to be good not only as a snack but also as a snack for beer. As the quantity is limited, those who are interested should do so as soon as possible.