Ministop "Heavy pole! Chicken nanban bento"

Ministop sells a volume-based lunch box with a total weight of 600g (21.16oz), which is a further evolution of the popular "Heavy!" Series for a limited time, "Heavy Goku! Chicken Nanban Bento". The price is 510 yen (excluding tax).

Ministop's largest-ever volume lunch box, "Heavy Pole! Chicken Nanban Bento". We are particular about the taste, such as softly finished chicken and homemade tartar sauce. The lunch box, which is nice to increase the volume at the same price, is a product limited to 2 weeks.

The chicken, which weighs about 190g (6.7oz), is softly cooked and finished, and you can enjoy it with plenty of homemade tartar sauce. The rice is heavyweight with about 300g (10.58oz) to match the chicken.

It is recommended not only to challenge alone, but also to share and eat with your family at home. It's a nice bento when you want to eat it.