Mini Stop Taimeiken 3rd Generation supervised product #2

Ministop "Taimeiken" Original Products under the Supervision of Chef Koji Shideki, the Third Generation of "Taimeiken"

The second batch of original products under the supervision of Chef Koji Shideki, the third generation of the long-established Western-style restaurant "Taimeiken" in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, is now available at Ministop. Two bento lunchboxes, spaghetti, ramen, doria, rice balls, and cooked bread will go on sale on Tuesday, February 7.

Omehayashi (omelette)

: Fried ketchup rice topped with an omelette sheet and topped with a fluffy egg, sauce, and cheese. The special sauce is characterized by the flavor of beef and onions and the acidity of tomatoes. Priced at 591.84 yen (tax included, same as below).

Ministop "Om Hayashi

Rich and deliciously satisfying! Western-style bento

rice is seasoned with bouillon, and demi-glace sauce is used for the chicken cutlet sauce. The hamburger sauce is made of demi-glace sauce and silter style sauce. The price is 645.84 yen.

Ministop "Rich and Delicious Satisfaction! Western-style bento box

Omelette Neapolitan (with demi-sauce

) Omelette sheet and scrambled egg-like filling with an open omelette-like sheet on top. It is covered afterwards with a demi-glace sauce that has a strong stewed feel, imparting sweetness and bitterness to the onions. Price: ¥537.84.

Ministop "Ome Neapolitan with Demi Sauce

Curry Ramen

: Onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and ginger are added to a base of glass broth made with honjozo shoyu (soy sauce made from pure brewed soy sauce). Curry is flavored with cumin, coriander, and garam masala. Price: ¥599.40.

Ministop "Curry Ramen

Cheese Meat Doria with Full of Flavor and Richness

Doria with meat sauce made with red wine and garlic to enhance the flavor of beef, and a rich white sauce with cheese. Price: ¥537.84.

Ministop "Cheese Meat Doria" with flavor and richness

Western-style curry yakisimeshi (fried rice)

Onions, green peppers, tuna, and eggs are fried, and TAIMEKEN's secret sauce (curry powder, sauce, ketchup, etc.) is added. Topped with TAIMEIKEN's famous char-siu pork. The price is 162 yen.

Ministop "Western-style curry yakisimeshi

Gratin Roll

: A version of Taimeiken's menu item, shrimp macaroni gratin, made into a bread roll. Two plump prawns are topped with cheese and baked to seal in the deliciousness of the bread. The price is 334.80 yen.

Ministop "Gratin Roll

50 WAON POINTs with the purchase of

three Taimeiken-supervised products. 50 WAON POINTs will be given with the purchase of three Taimeiken-supervised products, in addition to the usual points.

50 WAON POINT for the purchase of 3 TAIMEIKEN-supervised products at Ministop

Eligible products: Taimeiken-supervised products
Period: February 7 (Tue.) - February 26 (Sun.)
Conditions for participation: Purchase by scanning Ministop app member barcode
* Registration is required to use the Ministop app. Registration of a card that earns WAON POINT is required to participate in this project.

Win TAIMEIKEN original goods

Application period: Tuesday, February 7 - Monday, February 13
Conditions for participation: Register on the Ministop app and apply during the period
Prize: TAIMEIKEN original goods
Number of winners: 8 people
* Registration on the Ministop app is required to participate in this project. For details, please refer to the application guidelines in the Ministop app.

Win original goods of Taimeiken at Ministop!