MINISTOP: 9 menus supervised by long-established Western-style restaurant "Taimeiken
MINISTOP Menu supervised by long-established Western-style restaurant "Taimeiken

Ministop: Menu under the supervision of Chef Mot

eki, the third generation chef of the long-established Western-style restaurant "Taimeiken" Ministop is now offering a menu under the supervision of Chef Moteki, the third generation chef of the long-established Western-style restaurant "Taimeiken". The menu includes "Rice Omelet with Demi-glace Sauce", "Satisfaction of richness and umami! Western-style bento lunch box, omelet rice balls, shrimp Neapolitan spaghetti, butter soy sauce ramen, buttery egg hashed doria, beef stew Danish with demi-glace sauce, and old-fashioned pork curry bread.

Tokyo Nihonbashi Taimeiken was established in 1931. The restaurant offers curry and omelette rice, which are popular among men and women of all ages, "Western-style small dishes," which were realized based on a simple request to "enjoy a variety of dishes little by little," "Tanpopo omelette rice" derived from "Tanpopo" by director Juzo Itami, "Hayashi rice," "Roast pork cutlet," "Gratin," and "Coleslaw," as well as "Ramen" which has been sold since the establishment of the restaurant. Ramen noodles, which have been sold since the restaurant's founding, are popular. This time, the menu will feature dishes that recreate those flavors.

Omelette Rice with Demi-glace


"Omelette Rice with Demi-glace Sauce" is a recreation of the signature omelette rice in a convenience store bento box. It uses a special demi-glace sauce based on the flavor of beef and vegetables, with red wine added. A rare egg is placed between the omelette and ketchup rice to bring it closer to TAIMEIKEN's fluffy omelette. The price is 591.84 yen (tax included).

Ministop "Omelette Rice with Demi-glace Sauce
Rice omelet with demi-glace sauce

Rich and deliciously satisfying! Western-style bent

o "Rich and Umami Satisfaction! The rice in the Western-style bento is bouillon rice with Maggie's bouillon, a Western-style broth with the flavor of beef and savory vegetables condensed in it. The sauce is seasoned to enhance the flavor of the side dishes and make them tasty. The chicken cutlet is served with a rich demi-glace sauce. The chicken cutlet is filled with demi-glace sauce, and the coleslaw salad and other Western-style dishes are carefully prepared. The price is 645.84 yen.

Ministop "Rich and Delicious Satisfaction! Western-style bento box
Full-bodied and deliciously satisfying! Western-style Bento


Rice Rice Ball "Omelette Rice Rice Ball" is a rice ball with an omelette rice dish popular at TAIMEIKE. Rice is fried with ham, onions, oil, and butter sauce, and seasoned with ketchup. Truffle sauce is used in this aromatic dish. The price is 140.40 yen.

Ministop "Omu Rice Onigiri" (rice ball with omelette rice)
rice ball with omelette and rice


Neapolitan Spaghetti "Shrimp Neapolitan Spaghetti" reproduces the taste of Tai Meiken's signature dish. This dish incorporates the techniques of Chef Koji Motegi and TAIMEIKEN. It is stir-fried with the same "secret seasoning" added using the same technique as that used at TAIMEIKEN. The price is 537.84 yen.

Ministop "Shrimp Neapolitan Spaghetti
Shrimp Neapolitan Spaghetti



Ramen "Butter Shoyu Ramen" is based on a glass broth made from honjozo shoyu (soy sauce made from a pure brew), with the natural aroma of onion, carrot, celery, garlic, and ginger slowly stir-fried in oil. The red-rimmed special char siu pork, inspired by a meat dish used in Chinese celebrations by the founder of Taimeiken, has been recreated. The price is 599.40 yen.

Ministop "Butter Shoyu Ramen
Butter Soy Sauce Ramen



hashedoria "Butter-scented egg hashedoria" is made with butter rice, topped with a thick egg and hashed sauce, and baked with cheese in the center. The aroma of the butter rice enhances the flavor of the egg and hashed sauce. The price is 537.84 yen.

Ministop "Butter-Scented Melty Egg Hayashi Doria" (Hayashi Doria with Butter and Eggs)
Butter-scented hashed doria with softened egg

Beef Stew Danish with

Demi-glace S

auce "Beef Stew Danish with Demi-glace Sauce" is a Danish delicatessen that is based on the classic "beef stew" in Western-style restaurants. The beef stew filling is made with beef, red wine, and sauteed onions. It is made to give a rich flavor for winter. The price is 170.64 yen.

Ministop "Beef Stew Danish with Demi-glace Sauce
Beef stew Danish with demi-glace sauce


Pork Curry Bread "Old-Fashioned Pork Curry Bread" is filled with an old-fashioned pork curry filling with a nostalgic taste, just like the ones you can have at home. The cream and bouillon mixture gives this curry bread a rich and tasty flavor that is typical of a Western-style restaurant. The price is 170.64 yen.

Ministop "Old-Fashioned Pork Curry Bread
Old-fashioned pork curry bread

Note: The "Gratin Roll" was discontinued at 13:00 on 11/22/2022.