Ministop "Meat Juice Negi-Shio Grilled Chicken


: 3 items

in the "Meat Juice" series: Negi-Shio Grilled Chicken, Iberico Pork Yakiniku, and Beef Karubi Yakiniku

Ministop will sell 3 items in the "Meat Juice" series, which mainly feature meat. The three items are "Meat Juyu Negi Shio Grilled Chicken", "Meat Juyu Iberico Pork Yakiniku", and "Meat Juyu Beef Kalbi Yakiniku". They will go on sale on September 26.

Chikushige Negi-Shio Grilled


: Chicken thigh seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, grated garlic, salt and pepper, etc., and grilled in a high-temperature oven. The green onions are combined with a special salt sauce and placed on top of the grilled chicken. The special salt sauce is seasoned with grated garlic, black pepper, garlic extract, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. The price is 591.84 yen (tax included).

Ministop "Meat Juice Negi-Shio Grilled Chicken

This yakiniku (barbecued meat)


uses the highest grade of Iberian pork, "bejota". Bejota means "acorn," and the pigs are raised on acorns while completely grazing on pasture for a certain period of time. The fatty meat of the pork has a mellow sweetness. The sauce is made as an Iberico pork lunch box with a moderately sweet and spicy flavor that goes well with the mellow fatty meat. The price is 699.84 yen.

Ministop "Meat Juice Iberico Pork Yakiniku

Meat Heavy Beef Kalbi Yakiniku

Beef is made from US belly short ribs short plate which has a lot of sweetness and flavor and a tender texture with less stringiness. The meat is grilled with a special baking sauce made from two types of soy sauce (aromatic dark soy sauce and rich tamari soy sauce) with aromatic vegetables, apple juice, and sesame oil. The price is 645.84 yen.

Ministop "NIKUSHIGE Beef Kalbi Yakiniku" (Beef Kalbi Yakiniku)

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In addition, a coupon will be offered on the Ministop app to save 50 yen off the price of the applicable Meat Juice and Beef Bowl (Meat Juice Negi-Shio Grilled Chicken, Meat Juice Iberico Pork Yakiniku, Meat Juice Beef Kalbi Yakiniku, and Tsuyu-Yami Beef Bowl). The coupon is valid from September 26 to October 1.

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