Tully's 10 Holiday 2023 Recommendations (drinks, food, merchandise, etc.)

Tully's Holiday 2023 Recommendations

Tully’s Coffee is one of the most popular cafes in Japan. For the 2023 holiday season, they have some great warm drinks, food, and cute goods. If you’re looking for small gifts, or simply trying to feel the holiday vibe, this is the perfect place!

Irish Latte

Tully's "Irish Latte
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Short ¥550 / Tall ¥605 / Grande ¥660
*tax included
*tax rate is different for to-go
( same for below )

A cafe latte inspired by "Irish coffee", which is said to be originally from Ireland. You can enjoy the combination of rich espresso and burnt caramel. If you want to enjoy even more flavor, you can add an extra espresso shot too!

Strawberry Mille-feuille Royal Milk Tea

Tully's "Strawberry Millefeuille Royal Milk Tea

Short ¥575 / Tall ¥630 / Grande ¥685

A special royal milk tea inspired by Napoleon Pie, which is a classic French pastry made from layers of crisp puff pastry and cream filling. With fluffy whipped cream and strawberry sauce on top, this will be a great choice if you are looking for something sweet to drink. 

Strawberry Chocolista

Tully's "Holiday Strawberry Chocolate Lista

Short ¥640 / Tall ¥695

This drink is a combination of rich chocolate, whipped cream, and sweet & sour strawberry sauce. They only have it cold, so make sure to order it when you are warm! You can enjoy this drink as if you are having some nice chocolate sweets.

Tully's Holiday Roast Full Body

Tully's "Tully's Holiday Roast Full Body

200g (7.05oz) ¥1,395

A special coffee for the holiday season. Very thick and solid, it has a deep flavor of dark chocolate and caramel. The red package with a sweets house and gingerbread cookies gives a warm holiday vibe! It would be nice to sip this coffee on a Christmas morning.

Amande Croissant Gianduja Cream

Tully's "Amacrotree Gianduja Cream".


A tasty croissant dough with rich Gianduja cream inside. The bread itself looks like a Christmas tree, this will be a perfect pick for your Christmas breakfast or snacks! Also a great choice to bring to your friends’ house for a small home party. They recommend pairing it with coffee, latte, or royal milk tea.

Caramel Churro

Tully's "Caramel Churro Ribbon


If you love churro, make sure to try this special Caramel Churro for the holiday season. It is in the shape of a ribbon, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It will be a nice addition to your Christmas dinner table. Enjoy the sweet caramel flavor!

Velvet Cake Strawberry × Raspberry

Tully's "Velvet Cake Strawberry x Raspberry


With its red and white look, this is a perfect cake for the holiday season. You can enjoy the combination of white chocolate, strawberry and raspberry. Even if you don’t have any plans for big parties, why not get this gorgeous cake for yourself to enjoy the season?

Stainless Steel Bottle (sweet home)

Tully's "Stainless Steel Bottle (Sweet Home)


A cute red bottle with a Christmas design, with a sweets house and adorable gingerbread cookies. If you use a bottle daily, get this holiday bottle for this season! This will be a very nice gift for friends and family too.

Beaded Handle Glass Mug

Tully's "Beaded Handle Glass Mug".


A beautiful glass mug with the sparkling white beads inside the handle, looking just like snow falling on a Christmas day. It is of course heat-resistant, so you can enjoy hot drinks with it. If you’re looking for a nice cup to have coffee or tea on a cold winter day, this is a great choice!

Bearful Pochette (BaufiR & Myarawi) [Petit]

Tully's "Bearful Pochette (Baufi & Myalawi) [petit]".

Each ¥1,350

An adorable Bearful doll with a petite pochette of Baufi and Myalawi. This could be a cute addition to your Christmas decoration at home. They sell a couple of more items of Bearful, so if you are a fan of this character, make sure to check other Holiday items too!

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