Starbucks "Classic Chocolate Cake" "Ruby Chocolate Cake"

Introducing the new foods that will be on sale from January 20th at Starbucks. Introducing chocolate cakes and salad wraps that are perfect for the Valentine's season.

◆ Classic chocolate cake
A cake made by layering smooth white cream, rich chocolate dough, and soft chocolate mousse on a crispy bottom dough using cocoa crumble and cocoa sponge crumb. Decorate the top with fluffy chocolate cream and top with cocoa powder to finish. A number of layers of chocolate with different textures and flavors are combined to create a deep flavor. The coffee beans that go well with it are "Cafe Verona". The price is 440 yen.

Starbucks "Classic Chocolate Cake"

◆ Ruby chocolate cake
A gorgeous cake using fruity ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate mousse is layered on top of ruby chocolate ganash in the center of the moist bottom dough using sponge crumb and crumble. The chocolate that makes up the ganache and mousse is 100% ruby chocolate. The whole is coated with coated chocolate and topped with raspberry dice and powder (coated chocolate is not ruby chocolate). The price is 540 yen.

Starbucks "Ruby Chocolate Cake"

◆ Mexican beef hot salad wrap
A hot salad wrap that you can warm and eat. Tortilla with incense germ is topped with square-cut beef, guacamole salad, millet Mexican beans salad, and red cheddar cheese mixed with Mexican sauce. Guacamole salad is a mixture of broccoli, onions, dried tomatoes and potatoes with guacamole dip. Millet Mexican Beans Salad is made from glutinous wheat, amani, quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds, red beans, and lentils mixed with Mexican sauce. The price is 420 yen.

Starbucks "Mexican Beef Hot Salad Wrap"