Antenor "KALDInale", "Gateau Antenor", "Napoleon Pie".


Limited time reissue of cakes from the time of the company's founding

Antenor will commemorate its 45th anniversary by selling three of its cakes that were well-loved at the time of its founding: KALDInale, Gateau Antenor, and Napoleon Pie. Limited time offer. The release date is September 16.

The "KALDInale" is a traditional Viennese pastry baked by alternately squeezing meringue and sponge dough, with Antenor's unique arrangement; the "Gateau Antenor" is a chocolate cake that the chef of the time was impressed with in Europe and reproduced the taste; and the "Napoleon Pie" is a smooth custard cream in a crispy pie crust. The lineup includes "Napoleon Pie," a crisp pie crust filled with smooth custard cream and topped with sweet and sour strawberries.


: A rich and fluffy sabayon mousse made with egg yolks and white wine, topped with a sweet and sour strawberry mousse, Antenor's original style. Priced at 648 yen (tax included).

Antenor "KALDInale".

Gâteau Antenor

: Richly flavored chocolate cake with cocoa biscuit sandwiched between ganache buttercream and buttercream with liquor-infused hazelnuts. Priced at 756 yen (tax included).

Antenor "Gateau Antenor".

Napoleon Pie

A crispy pie crust sandwiched between moist sponge, smooth custard and raspberry jam. The price is 864 yen (tax included).

Antenor "Napoleon Pie"



Cake The online store also sells "Classic Butter Cake," a nostalgic buttercream cake. The buttercream is made with luxurious fermented butter from Hiruzen Jersey milk, which is rich in milk and has a refreshing flavor. The buttercream is made in-house and finished with vanilla beans. The light texture dough with meringue is sandwiched with rich butter cream and mellow raisins soaked slowly in rum and brandy. The price is 3,456 yen (shipping and cool delivery fees are not included). For details, please visit the official online store.

Antenor "Classic Buttercake

Some stores may not carry the product.