PRONTO New Menu Cafe Time

PRONTO New Menu Cafe Time

New drinks and sweets are now available at PRONTO's Cafe Time: "Quattro Chocolat Latte" topped with four kinds of chocolates, "Classic Chocolat", "Hot Chocolat", and "Iced Chocolat". The release date is January 16.


Chocolat Latte "Quattro Chocolat Latte" is a chocolate drink with a nutty richness and deep aroma, topped with plenty of whipped cream, cubes of raw chocolate, chocolate cookie crunch & cacao nibs, chocolate macaroons, and chocolate sauce. ldquo; drinkable sweets".

PRONTO "Quattro Chocolat Latte"

The four types of chocolate toppings allow you to fully enjoy the chocolate in this luxurious looking drink. The price is 638 yen (tax included, same below).



and Iced


are recommended for those who simply want to enjoy chocolate. These chocolate drinks use high cacao chocolate with a cacao content of 71%, and offer the aroma and richness of deeply roasted almonds and hazelnuts.

Two types of drinks are available: a hot version topped with cacao nibs, and an iced version that is easy to drink. Priced at 484 yen each.

PRONTO "Hot Chocolat" and "Iced Chocolat



The "Classic Chocolat," a seasonal sweet, is a classic cake with moist gateau chocolate topped with whipped cream. The price is 528 yen.

PRONTO "Classic Chocolat