Kurazushi "Orange Chocolate Parfait

New Sweets including "Orange Chocolat Parfait

" at Kura Sushi Kura Sushi will release new sweets "Orange Chocolat Parfait," "Black Tea and Almond Cake," and "Rich Gateau Chocolat" on February 10 (Fri.). The "Chocolate Cake" and "Chocolate Ice Cream," perfect for Valentine's Day, are sold throughout the year.


Chocolat Par

fait From "KURA ROYAL," which focuses on ingredients, manufacturing methods, and visuals with the aim of creating "sweets that are more than a specialty store," "Orange Chocolat Parfait," a lavish use of chocolate, is newly released, perfect for the Valentine's Day season. It is topped with gateau chocolat ice cream mixed with chocolate cookies and rich chocolate sauce, bittersweet gateau chocolat cake, and smooth chocolate whip. You will experience a variety of textures and flavors.

Kurazushi "Orange Chocolate Parfait

Refreshingly sour orange mousse, jelly made from 100% orange mandarin juice concentrate, and fresh oranges are added. The entire parfait is enhanced to ensure a delicious taste until the very last bite.

Priced at 530 yen. Limited quantities per day at each store. Not available for take-out. Not available at the Harajuku store.

Tea and Almond Cake

: Pound cake with Earl Grey tea leaves and an elegant aroma. The cake is moist and baked with almond slices on top, and the surface is coated with tea-flavored jelly to enhance the aroma of the tea leaves.

Kura Sushi "Tea and Almond Cake

Price: 280 yen. Not available for take-out.

Rich gateau

chocolat: Using black cocoa powder, the gateau chocolat is baked slowly to create a moist gateau chocolat. The whipped topping makes it even richer and more delicious. Priced at 230 yen.

Kurazushi "Thick Gateau Chocolat

Choco Cake

This is a classic popular sweet that sells about 4 million servings a year in stores. The creamy chocolate whip's mild texture and the fluffy chocolate sponge are a perfect match, making it a perfect after-dinner dessert. Price: 115 yen.

Kurazushi "Chocolate Cake

Choco Ice

Cream The ingredients used in this ice cream are Ghanaian cacao, and the moment you put it in your mouth, the mellow chocolate aroma spreads. The soft and smooth texture allows you to enjoy the rich taste of cacao. The price is 115 yen.

Kurazushi "Choco Ice Cream

Prices differ in some stores.