Logoski "Mashed potato piroshki"
(* The source of the image is the official Rogowski website)

It was announced on the official website that Russia's popular "Mashed Potato Piroshki" has been newly released at Rogowski's online shop.

Freshly boiled and other potatoes are finished in mashed potatoes and rich cream cheese is added. Piroshki has a soft and melty potato texture and a rich cheese flavor that fills your mouth. According to Rogowski, potato dishes, especially mashed potatoes, are a popular item in Russia.

The piroshki fabric is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, which is a characteristic of logo skis. Since the condition of piroshki dough changes every day depending on the season and weather, the change is grasped by human hands and eyes, and the water content, fermentation time, kneading method, etc. of the dough are finely adjusted, and it is the same in cold winter and late summer It is devised to taste.

The selling price is 300 yen per piece (excluding tax, the same applies below), which is the same price as the standard "Meat Piroshki" sold at Logoski's online shop. It arrives by frozen flight. The shipping fee is 700 yen nationwide and a separate cool fee of 200 yen will be charged.