Chiikawa and Yamazaki Baking collaboration "Ranchi Pack Hachiware no Ketchup Pasta Style" etc.
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Chiikawa x Yamazaki Baking Collaboration 3 products to go on sale October 1, 2023

Yamazaki Baking will sell "Ranchi Pack Hachiware no Ketchup Pasta Style", "Plenty Chocolate Chip Snack", and "Chiikaman Chiikawa no Pizza Man" products in collaboration with Chiikawa, to go on sale October 1. The "Chiikaman" is a Japanese word for "Chiikawa". They are inspired by foods that appear in Chiikawa episodes.

Ranchii Pack Hachiware's Ketchup Pasta Style

: Inspired by the "ketchup pasta" made by Hachiware, the pasta is sandwiched between slices of sausage, ketchup, and consommé seasoned pasta.

Ranchi pack Hachiware in ketchup pasta style

Plenty of Chocolate Chip Snack

A slightly sweet stick bread baked with plenty of chocolate chips kneaded into it.

Plenty of chocolate chip snacks

Chiikaman Chiikawa's Pizza Man

: Cheese inside melts when heated. It was inspired by the pizza buns that appear in Chiikawa.

local manjuu

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