Kuzefuku Shoten "Eat, Shichimi Soy Sauce"

The winter limited product "Eat, Shichimi Soy Sauce" has been released at each Kuzefuku Shoten store and Sankuzeru online shop. This is a new taste of the "Eat, Dashi Soy Sauce" series. The price is 626 yen (tax included).

Kuzefuku Shoten "Eat, Shichimi soy sauce"
Eat, Shichimi soy sauce

"Eat, Dashi Soy Sauce" is a popular product that appeared in 2015 and has sold a total of 1.5 million units as a "rice companion." The moromi mash, which has been slowly aged for two months at low temperature, is finished by adding flower bonito and adding the umami of the dashi stock. As products in the same series, products such as "eat, sukiyaki" and "eat, plum dashi soy sauce" have been sold so far.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Eat, Dashi Soy Sauce"
Eat, dashi soy sauce

As the name suggests, "Shichimi" is the decisive factor in the taste of "Eat, Shichimi Soy Sauce" released this time. Using Shichimi pepper from Shinshu's long-established store "Yawataya Isogoro", it is finished in a savory taste in a firm spiciness. The best way to eat it is to use it instead of soy sauce on omelet rice. The spicy "Eat, Shichimi Soy Sauce" is combined with the mellowness and richness of egg yolks to create an unstoppable taste for rice.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Eat, Shichimi Soy Sauce"

Also, when mixed with mayonnaise, it becomes mellow, and even people who are not good at spicy foods can eat it deliciously. It is also recommended to attach it to stick vegetables such as cucumbers.