"French toast" recipe

Add vanilla ice cream and it's easy and delicious! Here is a summary of recipes using vanilla ice cream that the En-eating editorial department actually made and was delicious. "French toast" without milk, "lentin pudding" without steaming, etc.

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· French toast
A recipe for "French toast " made with melted vanilla ice cream without using milk.

"French toast" recipe

It has a soft texture when shaken, and the taste of eggs and milk that spreads when chewed. A French toast with a slight vanilla scent and an elegant sweetness. It's delicious to eat as it is, and if you want to make it sweet, you can sprinkle it with maple syrup.

・ Lentin pudding
Easy for beginners to make sweets! A simple recipe for "lentin pudding " that can be made with two ingredients without steaming.

Simple recipe for "lentin pudding"

The surface is thick and the inside is firm. You may want to change the cooling time to suit your taste. The taste is the same as the vanilla ice cream used. The dessert is smooth and smooth. It looks a little lonely, so you may want to top it with fruit or whipped cream, or add caramel sauce.

· sweet potato
Introducing the recipe of "sweet potato " that can be easily made using vanilla ice cream.

"Sweet potato" recipe

Sweet potatoes made with ice cream are very creamy and smooth. There is no lumpy feeling that tends to be handmade sweet potatoes, and it is easy to make well. If you crush the sweet potatoes firmly, it will be smoother, and if you crush it roughly, you can enjoy the grainy texture.

・ Tamagoyaki
If you put "Mou" ice cream in "Tamagoyaki ", it's fluffy and super delicious! Arranged recipe using vanilla ice cream.

Recipe with omelet and mo

A pleasant texture in which the teeth sink into the layer of eggs. It is fluffy and fluffy, and the sweetness of mellow vanilla gently fills the mouth. The taste and texture are so gentle ... it's insanely delicious. The surface is fragrant and the inside is plump and sweet, and the deliciousness is reminiscent of the new year's datemaki!