Thirty One "Fresh Strawberries"
(* All images are from the official website of Thirty One Ice Cream)

As a crepe menu of Thirty One Ice Cream, the "Fresh Strawberries" series containing strawberry fruits was announced on the official website on January 6th. You can order at crepe stores.

Including "Strawberry Melting Luxury Chocolat" which is characterized by strawberry and chocolate, "Strawberry Dark Matcha Tiramisu" where you can enjoy the deep taste with increased use of matcha in dark tea sauce, Strawberry fruit 4 You can order "plenty of strawberries" containing individual pieces.

Thirty One "Fresh Strawberries"

Both can be combined with your favorite flavor of ice cream to make "Ice Cream Crepe Premium". The selling price is 650 yen (tax included). The lineup of ice cream crepe premium is as follows.

・ Luxury chocolate and ice cream that melts strawberries (2 strawberries)
・ Strong strawberry matcha tiramisu & ice cream (2 strawberries)
・ Plenty of strawberries & ice cream (4 strawberries)
・ Strawberry millefeuille & ice cream (1 strawberry)
・ Colorful strawberry banana & ice cream (1 strawberry)
・ Strawberry baked cheesecake & ice cream (1 strawberry)
・ Crispy! Chocolate strawberry & ice cream (1 strawberry)
・ Chocolate Banana & Ice Cream ・ Rich Gateau Chocolat & Ice Cream ・ Salt Caramel Crush Almond & Ice Cream

Thirty One's crepe stores can be searched from the official website.