Cafe COMSA "Strawberry and Cherry Mille Crepe".

Cafe COMSA Strawberry

and Cherry Blossom Mille Crepe Cafe COMSA will offer "Strawberry and Cherry Blossom Mille Crepe" only on April 3. The price is 1,600 yen per piece (tax included).

Strawberry and Cherry Blossom Mille


Mille Crepe is a French word meaning "thousand crepes," consisting of several layers of crepes with cream or fruit sandwiched in between.

Cherry blossoms, the symbol of spring in Japan with its four seasons, have been the national flower of Japan since ancient times, and the blooming of cherry blossoms was considered an indicator of the start of agriculture. The cherry blossoms are an indicator of the start of agriculture. This limited edition cake, available only on April 3, allows you to enjoy the beautifully decorated mille crepe by the patissier while admiring the falling cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms in full bloom, and cherry blossoms in bud in different parts of Japan.

Strawberries are cut to resemble cherry petals and decorated with a combination of richly flavored cherry red bean paste cream, whipped cream, and crepe pastry. You can enjoy this spring-like cherry blossom mille crepe, which is reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Mille Crepe Day.

Café COMSA has designated the third day of every month as "Mi (3) Crepe Day" and offers mille crepes with fruit sandwiches.

Prices and designs differ at the Ginza store.
Prices and designs are subject to change depending on the availability of fruits.