"Japanese-style mapo tofu" that can be made in the microwave

Arrange the usual mapo tofu! Here are four recipes for arranged mapo tofu that were actually made and delicious by the En-eating editorial department. "Mapo tofu" made from the surplus yakiniku sauce and "Nameko mapo tofu".

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- Nameko mapo make No need tofu
kitchen knife " Nameko mapo tofu easy recipe".

Simple recipe for "Nameko Mapo Tofu"

Thanks to the sliminess peculiar to nameko, the mouthfeel is smooth without adding potato starch. The juicy sweetness and richness of pork and the elegant taste of nameko are entwined with the pale tofu. The scent of ginger and garlic, with a slight spiciness, and then a lingering taste.

- Japanese style Mapo tofu
easy to make in the microwave " Japanese style Mapo tofu recipe".

"Japanese-style mapo tofu" that can be made in the microwave

The flavor of ginger and sesame oil follows the taste of Chinese mapo tofu, but the umami of miso and noodle soup stock is Japanese. The spiciness of black pepper and Japanese pepper enhances the sweetness of juicy meat.

・ "Mapo tofu" made from surplus yakiniku sauce
A recipe for "Mapo tofu" that uses the surplus yakiniku sauce. Not only is it delicious, but it also saves time because you don't have to mix multiple seasonings.

"Mapo tofu" recipe using surplus yakiniku sauce

The seasoning is a complex taste that you can't think of only with yakiniku sauce and doubanjiang. The sauce of grilled meat, which is full of umami, does a good job. The richness of pork and the scent of green onions combine to create a deeper taste.

・ Mackerel miso mapo tofu "Mackerel miso boiled" Canned mackerel miso mapo tofu recipe.

Recipe for "mackerel miso mapo tofu"

The sweet seasoning of mackerel miso and the spiciness of doubanjiang are a perfect match. The taste is decided perfectly without adding soy sauce or sugar. The more you chew the soft mackerel to the bones, the more delicious it is, and the deep taste is as if it was made with time and effort. The punchy flavor of garlic and ginger makes the rice go on and on.