Yayoiken "Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal" and "Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal

Yayoiken will launch "Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal", "Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal", "[To go] Szechuan Bean Curd", and "[To go] Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd" on July 21. The Szechuan-style spiciness is irresistible and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal

Yayoiken "Szechuan Bean Curd Set Meal

Hot summer is the perfect time to enjoy this spicy hot bean curd set meal. The hot and spicy sauce is made by adding hot and spicy sauce made by marinating spices such as octagonal horns and Chinese pepper in miso and soy sauce, and bean curd which contains a lot of umami, to tender silk tofu to create a rich and deep spicy flavor. Two fried tofu pieces are also included in this satisfying set meal. Comes with an optional garnish of hwaseng (Chinese pepper). The price is 890 yen.

Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd and Bean Paste Set Meal

Yayoiken "Spicy Szechuan Mabo Tofu Set Meal

Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd Tofu Set Meal is made even spicier by adding our special chili powder, a blend of four kinds of chili peppers, for those who seek even more stimulation. Comes with an optional pepper. Price: 950 yen.

[To go] Szechuan Bean Curd

To go Szechuan Bean Curd set meal with rice in regular, large, or extra-large portions. The price is 890 yen.

[To go] Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd

To go hot spicy Szechuan mabo tofu set meal with a choice of regular, large, or extra-large portions of rice. The price is 950 yen.